The IT field has seen many changes since its inception and, as Moore’s law continues to prove itself true, we must change and adapt faster and faster to new technology. It’s survival of the fittest in the IT jungle and we, as IT Managers, need to lead our IT Support teams to embrace new technology. So what does the future hold? What is coming down the pipe?

  • Increased Use of Offsite or Hosted Services – Gone are the days where files and servers need to be onsite. Increases in internet speed, current and prospective, mean that information is no longer chained to the office. Co-locations, data centers and hosted services (such as E-mail and spam filters) will be used much more often by businesses large and small. Which leads us to our next anticipated change.
  • Integration – Thanks to APIs, an increasing number of services and programs speak to one another. We’re seeing a fundamental shift to interconnected applications that feed and can be fed by other programs. Active directory controls logins to the domain, but can also be integrated into hosted E-mail.
  • Automation – The day of first-level support is coming to an end. Just as fast food chains are replacing employees with machines, so will first-level issues, such as password resets, be replaced with automated prompts and scripts. This will push IT Specialists to take on a more extensive role, developing their specific proficiency (Networking, Security, Systems Administrator, etc.) earlier than usual.

Overall, we are going to see a shift in which IT Generalists will need to become experts in certain fields more quickly and take on a more defined role, thus becoming IT Specialists. This will be imperative as basic tasks become increasingly automated and the masters of the IT field, or IT Specialists, will do the real work.

By: Gregory Kent

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