Don’t take the bait. Protect yourself from Phishing.

Phishing is the act of sending out malicious e-mails with the intention of extracting personal information, business secrets, or financial material under false claims. Phishing attempts are often E-mails that ask users user to supply the sender with sensitive information such as log in credentials or social security numbers, to click on a corrupt link, to visit an infected website, or to perform an external action that goes against normal protocols.

Thus, phishing attacks have become the most common security challenges users and businesses face in keeping their information secure. And it’s not just businesses getting scammed. During Fall 2016, the city of El Paso, Texas was duped out of $3.3 million in a phishing scam. City officials revealed that an individual or group posing as a vendor scammed them via e-mail. Luckily, the city of El Paso, Texas was able to work with the banks and law enforcement to get the money back, but that is not always the case.

So how can YOU Prevent a Phishing Attack?

  1. Learn how to identify suspicious E-mails
  2. Check the source of information coming from incoming mail
  3. Create strong internal processes that encourage requests to be double or triple checked
  4. Review all contents of the E-mail to ensure proper grammar, contact information, and E-mail address is used
  5. Never click on links from unknown senders
  6. Enhance the security of your computer
  7. Enter sensitive data in secure websites only
  8. Periodically check your accounts
  9. Always be cautious, do not risk it
  10. Stay Educated

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