Over 25 Years of Service

Chelsea Technologies is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and value to its clients through the delivery of expert IT advisory, design, management, support and security services.

Over 100 Years of Experience Combined

The industry leading services we provide are developed and deployed by a dedicated team with a cumulative experience of over 100 years.

About Chelsea Technologies

Chelsea Technologies has been providing first-class business technology solutions to the global financial industry for over 25 years. We have remained on the forefront of technological innovation, navigating clients through a complete IT revolution with a focus on helping firms understand the practical business implications of emerging technologies. Our mission is to deliver innovative business technology solutions with unparalleled customer experience.

Offering a wide spectrum of business technology solutions, we create a technology infrastructure that caters to our client’s needs. Chelsea Technologies serves the IT needs of a wide range of clients, including hedge funds, banking institutions, private equity firms, ranging from startups to firms with several billion dollars in Assets under Management (AUM). In addition to having a long-standing presence in the financial industry, we also provide services to other modern businesses, including aerospace corporations, law firms, and many other organizations.

Our focus is to improve our client’s performance through technology solutions, thus reducing IT expenditure while maintaining the highest levels of network up-time, hardware reliability, data integrity and application stability. The scope of the skills we offer has expanded over time and continues to grow in order to embrace emerging technologies. The success of our clients is directly linked to our own success and this has always been our philosophy. Our approach is simple: success is not achieved in a short-term solution, but in a long-term strategy.

Management Team

Meyer Ben-Reuven

President & CEO


Meyer Ben-Reuven is the founder and current CEO of Chelsea Technologies. Mr. Ben-Reuven launched Chelsea Technologies in 1990 to provide customized, state-of-the-art IT programs and support to the financial services community. Together with a talented team of IT professionals, he has formulated solutions that streamline methodology and promote seamless execution, while successfully addressing the most complex business challenges.

Currently, in addition to his executive responsibilities, Mr. Ben-Reuven leverages his IT expertise to research and evaluate emerging technologies for their relevance and value to his clients. Mr. Ben-Reuven began his career in 1987, when he worked for Chase Manhattan Bank as a member of its trading room redevelopment team. While at Chase, he built and implemented applications to support a number of technology infrastructure initiatives.

Mr. Ben-Reuven is a graduate of New York University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Math and Computer Science. He has received formal Mayoral recognition for more than twenty years of personal and professional accomplishments and success in New York City.

Justin Vashisht

Professional Services Director


As Professional Services Director, Justin is involved in special technology-intensive projects requiring critical mechanical, electrical, and infrastructure engineering to ensure a high degree of redundancy, reliability, and efficiency. He provides executive management leadership across the entire infrastructure stack, including the research and development of emerging technologies.

Justin guides his team in evaluating clients’ business and technological requirements, and building solutions that meet their tactical and strategic goals in a rapidly evolving IT landscape that is persistent in the Financial Industry. He also manages Chelsea Technologies’ state-of-the-art Lab environment, its internal IT department and organizes overall technology partnerships.

Justin joined Chelsea Technologies in 2008 and was made Partner in 2014. He holds over two-dozen industry certifications and is a frequent speaker at many technology-related conferences. Prior to joining Chelsea Technologies, Justin held integral technology roles in global companies such as the NFL and Morgan Stanley.

Becky Strimling

Managing Director


Becky Strimling is the Managing Director at Chelsea Technologies. She has been with Chelsea Technologies since 1999. She provides strategic advice and guidance to the HR and Finance Departments.

Becky received her Masters of Education Degree in Early Childhood Special Education from Bank Street College of Education. Prior to joining Chelsea Technologies, she worked as a special educator and a speech and language pathologist.

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